​Now, more than ever, good communication is vital. We can keep your podcasts going, or if you want to start using Podcasting to communicate with your customers, staff and key stakeholders, we can help.

Using video conferencing software, we will bring you and your guests together so that you can communicate, see each other and have an engaging conversation.

We'll talk you and your guests through the whole process, including how to get the best possible sound out of whatever equipment you have available to you. 

There are certain requirements such as devices (tablet/phone/laptop) being used, and the stability of the internet connection, but we'll offer the best advice on getting set up at home.

The WEL production and editing support is just like it would be in the studio. We’ll stay on the conference call to record and monitor the audio quality, and be there to advise and help structure the recording session.


For your security we will generate a new Personal Meeting on Zoom as “The Host”.


Once the recording date and time is agreed we will send out the following information to your agreed contact, in this format…


Topic: “The Title of The Podcast and agreed Guest Names”

Date: Day | Month | Year

Time: GMT

Join Zoom Meeting Link: www link

Meeting ID: 9 digit code

Password: 6 digit code




We will take a recording direct from Zoom, saved direct to a hard-drive and NOT to the Zoom cloud. We also record direct into our editing software and take a back-up recording on a battery powered recording device.


Not got a USB microphone or have lost the headphones that came with your smartphone?

Very soon you'll be able to hire USB microphones and headsets from us. We'll send them out directly to your guest and talk them through setting them up.

Watch this space!

Scottish Student Sport Recording Session