Recording a Podcast or Webinar from home or the office?

Not got a USB microphone or have lost the headphones that came with your smartphone?

You can hire USB microphones and headsets from us. We'll send them out directly to you or your guest and talk them through setting them up.


As with all remote recordings, the quality of internet connection can affect the audio quality, but we take a can-do approach to making it work for you.

We will arrange Courier delivery to and from a UK address.

Behringer Bigfoot.jpg

Behringer Bigfoot All-in-one USB Microphone

This professional-quality condenser microphone comes loaded with 3 high-quality capsules and awesome features: with digital USB interface you are ready to record faster than ever - and with minimal preparation and equipment - just plug it into your computer and start recording.

4 Pickup Modes to Suit Versatile Recording Environments

  • Stereo pickup mode - is ideal for capturing a realistic spacious audio effect.

  • Cardioid pickup mode - delivers a rich, full-bodied sound. Well-suited for podcasts, vocals, gamers, video calls and sound sources that are directly in front of the microphone.

  • Omni-directional pickup mode - picks up sound equally from all directions, best suited for multi-person podcasts and to capture the ambience of 'being there' - like a live recording of a band's performance.

  • Bi-directional pickup mode - records from both the front and the rear of the microphone. Ideal for capturing every nuance of a musical instrument and face to face recordings.

Plug In And Play - The Behringer Bigfoot All-in-one USB Microphone can plug directly into your Mac or Windows computer for direct recording.

£20.00 (per day) + £15.00 delivery

Sudotack ST-820 USB Professional Mic.jpg

Sudotack ST-820 USB Professional Microphone

High-Quality Cardioid Mic Capsule inside provides reliable and accurate pickup, and 24bit/192kHz Sample Rate achieves studio-quality audio.

The USB Microphone Kit comes in an aluminium case and includes:

- USB condenser microphone

- Microphone desktop stand

- Metal shock mount

- Pop filter

- USB A to B cable

- Foam windshield

Plug In And Play - The Sudotack ST-820 Professional USB Microphone can plug directly into your Mac or Windows computer for direct recording.

£15.00 (per day) + £15.00 delivery

Sennheiser PC 8.2 USB Wired Headset.jpg

Sennheiser PC 8.2 USB Wired Headset

The PC 8.2 USB stereo headset with in-line soundcard and volume/mute control delivers superlative sound while its noise-canceling microphone ensures clear conversation and rotates 180 degrees.

The USB Headset comes with:

- USB connector cable

- In-line sound card with volume/mute control

- Unidirectional microphone

Plug In And Play - The PC 8.2 can plug directly into your Mac or Windows computer for direct recording.

£10.00 (per day) + £15.00 delivery

t bone HD880.png

t.bone HD 880 Headphones

Don't have headphones? We can also send these with the Sudotack St-820 USB Microphone.

- Ideal for PCs, laptops and audio interfaces

- Closed-back

- Impedance: 64 ohms

- Length of the cable: 3 m

- Includes adapter from 3.5 to 6.3 mm

Plug In And Play - These headphones can plug directly into your Mac or Windows computer mini-jack socket.

£5.00 (per day) + £15.00 delivery (Free delivery with Sudotack ST-820 USB Microphone)