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VIDEO PODCASTS - coming Spring 2024!

ATS Video Studio 2.jpg

We provide a videographer to work with you and operate all the studio equipment to record, edit and create the video file for your Podcast episode. 

Recording a video podcast episode of up to 1 hour in length with us includes:

  • 2 hours recording time at The WEL Podcast Studio

  • 3-4 hours editing time by our videographer

  • Adding intro and outro graphics and lower thirds

  • Adding music and any voice-overs

  • Final MP4 Video Master (HD MP4. 1920x1080p)

  • Final MP3 Audio Master (128 kbps, 44.1 kHz)

Creative process:

  • Comfortable seating in the studio for relaxed conversations

  • 2 x 4K Camera's for 2 separate visual cuts

  • Up to 4 microphones

  • Display your Podcast logo and branding on the Studio TVs

  • Adjustable Studio Lighting

  • We can provide Voice-over artists to record your Podcast introduction and jingles

  • We can create short promotional clips

Want to do your own audio and video editing?

  • Bring your own SDXC Memory Cards (x2) to put into our 2 studio cameras. At the end of the recording session you then take the memory cards away to do your own editing of the visuals. We'll provide a stereo audio mix, or seperate audio tracks.


Can't get everyone to the studio? Using our professional AV Streaming Mixer and video conferencing software, we can connect you and your guests remotely from the studio, enabling you to communicate, see each other and have an engaging conversation.

WEL - Video Podcast own edit S.png
WEL - Audio Podcast with 2 clips S.png
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