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In today’s connected world, radio has transformed into a truly anytime, anywhere, anyhow experience.

Podcasts have become a regular and trusted source of news, entertainment, and information for millions of listeners around the world.

Podcasting is a mainstream medium that plays an essential role in the advertising and marketing strategies of thousands of businesses. 

With the increasing penetration of connected devices such as tablets and smartphones, listeners are embracing the multi-platform and multi-device offerings.  

On-demand broadcasts are contributing to listening behaviour and there are many activities the audience is doing whilst listening, different locations where they are listening, and many variations on who they are listening with.



It's good to talk and there's many formats and many benefits:

  • Showcase your business.

  • React to market changes.

  • Promote events.

  • Celebrate success.

  • Promote good business practice.

  • Communicate to staff, customers and clients.

  • To interview specialists within your organisation.

  • To launch new products or services.

  • To talk about trends in your business sector.

  • To enhance a Crowdfunding application.

  • To record a speech or presentation for future listening.



RAJAR, the UK audio measurement company current Review - MIDAS Autumn 2023

  • Over 9 million adults use a Podcast in an average week.

  • Podcasting hours are mainly consumed whilst:

    • At home (61% share)

    • In the Car (13% share)

    • Place of work/study (8%)

    • Public transport/walking (12%)

  • 63% of Podcast listeners listen to more than half of all the episodes they download.

  • 72% listen to all or mostly all of each episode they download.

  • 80% of those asked listen to between 1-3 podcasts per week. In this wave, the most favoured genre of podcast listening is Comedy, followed by News and Politics, Sports and True Crime.

  • Listeners claim that ‘Word of Mouth’ and ‘Social Media’ are their go to sources to find new Podcasts.



Recording a Podcast is easy to do - especially with us!

  • Distribution of your show - we'll even do all the behind the scenes work to get your awesome show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon or your preferred hosting platform.

  • Great audio quality in our acoustically treated studio and professional equipment.

  • We specialise in helping get new shows off the ground.

  • On location recording also available - we can come to you.

Head to our Studio now!

Mark Beaumont at The WEL Podcast Studio
egg talks to at The WEL Podcast Studio
Leading conversations at The WEL Podcast Studio
Podcast Studio Guest
Graeme Easton and Doddie Weir at The WEL Podcast Studio
Musician Caroline Gilmour at The WEL Podcast Studio
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