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If you feel your Podcast endeavours aren’t achieving what you set out to, Mikey can help. He has worked extensively with The WEL and when we have teamed him up with our clients the feedback and transformation has been remarkable.


A Broadcaster of some 15 years, Mikey has worked extensively with our clients wanting to supercharge their progress to a Best-in-Class Podcast.  He brings a wealth of TV, Radio and Theatre knowledge and experience to offer you a significant advantage.


Mikey has worked with companies such as Aegon, Prudential, Lloyds Banking Group, BBC, News Corp., Talk Radio and Talk TV. He has trained for the BBC and other broadcasters and has a unique approach and style backed up by a career as an actor, director, producer and presenter.


Mikey offers bespoke services as a Creative Producer which many have found useful when launching for the first time or relaunching an existing Podcast.

Mikey’s production, writing and directing experience across the entertainment and advertising industry means he can bring great ideas to the table for branding, content and listener engagement that can make you stand out and develop a listener base quickly to meet your Podcasts objectives. He also lectures and trains Actors and Presenters so can help your on-air talent significantly in all aspects of their performance.


We can offer Podcast Masterclasses on both a team and individual basis, in person or virtually, and can also offer expertise and energy across your Podcast journey, supporting you creatively from initial idea to final edit and distribution, and alongside your presenters to build their confidence, technique and find their voice.

The training is aimed at both managers/producers and presenters, and  focuses on

  • Vocal delivery

  • Keeping your listeners attention

  • Developing a brand

  • Interviewing skills

  • Planning and editing a podcast

  • “The secret sauce”

As a Creative Producer Mikey will work with you to

  • Develop a strong identity for the Podcast

  • Create engaging content to breed feedback and familiarity

  • Hardwire listener retention

  • Get the best out of presenters and contributors

  • Share editing techniques for a more professional product

Get in contact with us to find out more about how Mikey Smith and The WEL can help.


Mikey helped The WEL to produce a Live Podcast for a major client of ours, supporting them in every aspect including Gallery Producing a multi camera Live Stream.

Mikey Smith


"Mikey Smith is not only a pleasure to be around and work with when providing tailored training for a business, but also when developing new concepts, rolling out fresh ideas and producing live events. Mikey provides you with the skills, techniques and tips to deliver what’s needed but also supports your freedom to add personalised sections or ideas that you want to incorporate or feel would be well received. From initial training for our first internal podcast, which is now our highest engaged media type, to helping develop our first ever live episode with feedback from our CEO as “brilliant”, Mikey is always professional but is approachable, motivated and honest which makes him a fantastic man to have in your team!"

Claire Tidey - Programme Manager, Connecting with Customers, Aegon UK

“It was so different from any other training I’ve had. Mikey really went deeper and showed how different ways of speaking impact the way you come across. Best training I’ve had and I mean that.”

“I've come away excited, which is a wonderful reflection on Mikey.”


“Mikey is really engaging and practical in his advice. He also appears to really care about the individual so works with them to get their best.”

Aegon UK Live Podcast with audience
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